Issue 18.3 (Winter 2022)


Jayda Coons, “Mortifying the Master’s Eye: Intersubjective Vision in Pride and Prejudice

Aileen Miyuki Farrar, “Rossetti’s Epic Breast: Domesticity and Heroism

Patricia Murphy, “Antipodes of Language: Silence and Speech in a Pair of Sarah Grand Stories


Anna J. Brecke, review of Alexis Easley's New Media and the Rise of the Popular Woman Writer 1832-1860

Daniela Kato, review of Tomoe Kumojima's Victorian Women’s Travel Writing on Meiji Japan: Hospitable Friendship

LeeAnne M. Richardson, review of Carolyn Dever's Chains of Love and Beauty: The Diary of Michael Field

Editors-in-Chief: Stacey Floyd and Melissa Purdue
Reviews Editor: Miriam Burstein
Digital Editor: Anne Reus