ISSUE 4.3 (WINTER 2008)



Lynn M. Alexander, “Laboring Fathers: Parenthood, Class, and GenderPDF Version

Alexis Antonia & Ellen Jordon, “Who Wrote the Women’s Movement Articles in The Saturday Review?

Stephanie King, “Financial Promiscuity: Gambling on the Fallen Man in Collins’ Man and WifePDF Version

Monika Hope Lee, “A Mother Outlaw Vindicated: Social Critique in Anne Brontë’s The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

Anne Longmuir, “Emigrant Spinsters and the Construction of Englishness in Charlotte Brontë’s Villette

Vicky Simpson, “‘The eagerness of a listener quickens the tongue of a narrator’: Storytelling and Autobiography in Jane Eyre



Kellie Holzer, “Domestic Despotism and the Making of Jane Eyre.” Review of Sue Thomas’s Imperialism, Reform, and the Making of Englishness in Jane Eyre. PDF Version

Helena Ifill, “Fantastic and Sensational: Representing the Female Body.” Review of Laurence Talairach-Vielmas’s Moulding the Female Body in Victorian Tales and Sensation Novels. PDF Version

Audrey Jaffe, “Novels and Wives.” Review of Rachel Ablow’s The Marriage of Minds: Reading Sympathy in the Victorian Marriage Plot. PDF Version

Kelly J. Mays, “Narratives of Class and Old/New Class of Narratives.” Review of Bruce Robbins’s Upward Mobility and the Common Good: Toward a Literary History of the Welfare State.

Jill Rappoport, “Shopping for Themselves: Women, Identity, and the Market, 1862-1914.” Review of Krista Lysack’s Come Buy, Come Buy: Shopping and the Culture of Consumption in Victorian Women’s Writing. PDF Version

Kate Watson, “What Kind of Relationship Is This?” Review of Carolyn W. De La L. Oulton’s Romantic Friendship in Victorian Literature.


Editors-in-Chief: Stacey Floyd and Melissa Purdue

Reviews Editor: Mary Jean Corbett

Reviews Assistant: Zach Weir

Technical Editor: Josh Reid