ISSUE 3.2 (SUMMER 2007)

Special Issue: Papers and Keynotes from the Fifteenth Annual British Women Writers Conference



Ann Ardis, Teresa Mangum and Sally Mitchell, “The New Woman’s Work: Past, Present, and FuturePDF Version

Deborah Epstein Nord, “Outward BoundPDF Version

Laura J Rosenthal, “Eliza Haywood: Discrepant Cosmopolitanism and the Persistence of RomancePDF Version


Conference Papers

Susan David Bernstein, “Radical Readers at the British Museum: Eleanor Marx, Clementina Black, Amy LevyPDF Version

Jessica Damián, “Helen Maria Williams’s Personal Narrative of Travels from Peru (1784) to Peruvian Tale (1823)PDF Version

Christine DeVine, “Isabella Bird and Mountain Jim: Geography and Gender Boundaries in A Lady’s Life in the Rocky MountainsPDF Version

Julie Donovan, “Sydney Owenson (Lady Morgan) and Walter Scott’s Worn-Out InexpressiblesPDF Version

M.B. Hackler, “The Cemetery Tourist: Mourning with Authority in the Travel Writing of Lady Emmeline Stuart Wortley PDF Version

Jamie Horrocks, “Camping in the Kitchen: Locating Culinary Authority in Elizabeth Robins Pennell’s Delights of Delicate Eating PDF Version

Joy Johnson, “Print, Image, and the Cycle of Materiality in George Eliot’s The Lifted Veil PDF Version

April Nixon Kendra, “‘You, Madam, Are No Jane Austen’: Mrs. Gore and the Anxiety of Influence PDF Version

Ashley Miller, “Obscurity and Affect in Anne Bannerman’s ‘The Dark Ladie’ PDF Version

Gregory Vargo, “Contested Authority: Reform and Local Pressure in Harriet Martineau’s Poor Law Stories PDF Version

Marilyn Walker, “Loci of Limitation and Liberation: Spatial Subjectivity in ‘The Runaway Slave at Pilgrim’s Point’PDF Version


Editors-in-Chief: Stacey Floyd and Melissa Purdue

Reviews Editor: Lauren Goodlad

Technical Editor: Josh Reid