ISSUE 2.1 (SPRING 2006)



Tracey Colvin, “A Monstrous Beauty: Performing Freakishness in Byron's Don Juan. PDF Version

Padmini Ray Murray, “Britannia: The Other Woman in Byron's Life.PDF Version


Criscillia Benford, “Possible Futures for Pip and Mr. Darcy.” Review of Jay Clayton's Charles Dickens in Cyberspace: The Afterlife of the Nineteenth Century in Postmodern Culture and Gina Macdonald and Andrew Macdonald's Jane Austen on Screen. PDF Version

Lana L. Dalley, “The Advantages of Anonymity.” Review of Alexis Easley's First Person Anonymous: Women Writers and the Victorian Print Media, 1830-70. PDF Version

Amanda Mordavsky, “Rewriting the Victorian Woman in Contemporary Feminist Fiction.” Review of Jeannette King's The Victorian Woman Question in Contemporary Feminist Fiction. PDF Version

Helen Rogers, “When Sex was Destiny: The Hidden History of Heterosexuality.” Review of Hera Cook's The Long Sexual Revolution: English Women, Sex, and Contraception 1800-1975. PDF Version

Ellen Bayuk Rosenman, “Pornography without Sex?” Review of Frances Ferguson's Pornography, the Theory: What Utilitarianism Did to Action.

Audra Rouse, “Identifying Criminals, Criminalizing Identity.” Review of Andrew Maunder and Grace Moore's Victorian Crime, Madness and Sensation. PDF Version

Marianne Szlyk, “Breaking Ground in a Well-Tilled Field.” Review of Alison Booth's How to Make It as a Woman: Collective Biographical History from Victoria to the Present. PDF Version

Terra Walston, “Autoethnography and the Ninetetenth-Century British Novel.” Review of James Buzard's Disorienting Fiction: The Autoethnographic Work of Nineteenth-Century British Novels. PDF Version


Editors-in-Chief: Stacey Floyd and Melissa Purdue

Reviews Editor: Lauren Goodlad

Techinical Editor: Josh Reid