ISSUE 13.3 (WINTER 2017)




Mollie Barnes, “‘My Mere Narration’: Fanny Kemble’s Intercessions in Journal of a Residence on a Georgian PlantationPDF Version

Ellen Jordan, “The Magazine for the Young: Female Literary Networks and the Development of the Literary Magazine for ChildrenPDF Version

Alice M. Kelly, “‘My Sable Ingramina’: Queering Colonial Gender Roles in Mary Kingsley’s Travels in West AfricaPDF Version

Patricia Murphy, “Augusta Webster’s Poetic Challenge: Unsettling the Problematic Link between Women and NaturePDF Version

LeeAnne M. Richardson, “Turn of the Century Women's Poetry: Skirting the Problems of PeriodizationPDF Version



Anjna Chouhan, “Renegotiating the Women who Performed Shakespeare.” Review of Sophie Duncan’s Shakespeare's Women and the Fin De Siècle. PDF Version

Abigail Boucher, “Powerful Women and Submissive Men.” Review of Clair Jarvis’s Exquisite Masochism: Marriage, Sex & the Novel Form. PDF Version

Adrienne E. Gavin, “The Fin-de-Siecle Girl.” Review of Beth Rodgers’s Adolescent Girlhood and Literary Culture at the Fin de Siecle: Daughters of Today. PDF Version

Silvana Colella, “Victorian Businesswomen: A Reassessment.” Review of Jennifer Aston’s Female Entrepreneurship in Nineteenth-Century England: Engagement in the Urban Economy. PDF Version

April Patrick, “‘A World of Disorderly Notions’: Technology and Agency for the New Woman.” Review of Lena Wånggren’s Gender, Technology and the New Woman. PDF Version


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