ISSUE 13.1 (SPRING 2017)



Meg Dobbins, “‘What Did You Cut It Off For, Then?’: Self-Harming Heroines in Villette, The Mill on the Floss, and Tess of the D’UbervillesPDF Version

Suyin Olguin, “Feasting & Bonding Like a Man: Tom Brown’s Consumption of the English Masculine IdealPDF Version

Katrina Peterson “Susan Ferrier's Marriage: Lady Maclaughlan as Controlling ArchitectPDF Version

Laura Rotunno, “What if the New Woman is a Scholar-Athlete Too?PDF Version

Jessica Saxon, “Fair Readers of Pornography: Narrative Intervention & Parodic-Didactic Style in Captain Charles Deveraux’s Venus in IndiaPDF Version

John Wiehl, “‘She grew more English every day; and that was a good thing’: Gender, Nation, and Posthumanism in Du Maurier’s TrilbyPDF Version



Ian Higgins “Queer Procreation.” Review of James Campbell’s Oscar Wilde, Wilfred Owen, and Male Desire: Begotten, Not Made. PDF Version

Talia Schaffer, “Women’s Writing from the Fin de Siècle through World War I.” Review of Holly A. Laird’s The History of British Women’s Writing, 1880-1920. PDF Version

Zsuzsa Török, “Women’s Writing and Victorian Print Culture.” Review of Linda H. Peterson’s The Cambridge Companion to Victorian Women’s Writing. PDF Version


Editors-in-Chief: Stacey Floyd and Melissa Purdue

Reviews Editor: Carolyn Oulton

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