ISSUE 12.3 (WINTER 2016)

Special Issue:
Gender in Victorian Popular Fiction, Art, and Culture

Guest Edited by Janine Hatter and Helena Ifill


Janine Hatter and Helena Ifill, “Gender in Victorian Popular Fiction, Art, and CulturePDF Version



Philippa Abbott, “Popular Fictions of Gender in the Newgate NovelsPDF Version

Brooke Fortune, “Jack Sheppard and the Eternal BoyPDF Version

Mary Clai Jones, “Refashioning Spaces of Play in Victorian Doll StoriesPDF Version

Flore Janssen, “‘Common Rules of Street Politeness’? The Clash of Gender and Social Class in Representations of Street Harassment by Elizabeth Gaskell and Eliza Lynn LintonPDF Version

Erin Louttit, “‘not men’s playthings and slaves’: Popular Fiction, Gender Inequality, and Women’s Education in Alice Mangold Diehl’s Dr. Paull’s TheoryPDF Version

Susan Hroncek, “‘They Would Take Me for a Witch or Poisoner’: Marginalization and the Woman Scientist in Fin-de-Siècle Speculative FictionPDF Version



Shannon Scott, “Objectifying the Brontës: Making the Inanimate Intimate.” Review of Deborah Lutz’s The Brontë Cabinet: Three Lives in Nine Objects. PDF Version

Sarah Kniesler, “Issues Other than Desire.” Review of Talia Schaffer’s Romance’s Rival: Familiar Marriage in Victorian Fiction. PDF Version

Simon J. James, “Remaking Victorian Men.” Review of Tara MacDonald’s The New Man: Masculinity and Marriage in the Victorian Novel. PDF Version

Sarah Parker, “Independent Women.” Review of Emma Liggin’s Odd Women? Spinsters, Lesbians and Widows in British Women’s Fiction, 1850s-1930s. PDF Version

Indu Ohri, “The Conflict between Individuality, Science, and Theology in the Victorian Ghost Story.” Review of Jen Cadwallader’s Spirits and Spirituality in Victorian Fiction. PDF Version


Editors-in-Chief: Stacey Floyd and Melissa Purdue

Reviews Editor: Carolyn Oulton

Assistant to the Reviews Editor: Alyson Hunt

Technical Editor: Josh Reid

Assistant to the Technical Editor: Luke Baugher